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Faslane 365 was a one year continuous peaceful blockade of the Trident base at Faslane from 1st October 2006, ending with a Big Blockade on 1st October 2007.

Faslane 365 involved a wide range of local, national and international groups from all sections of civil society coming to Faslane committed to making their visions for a just and peaceful future visible. Look at the Blockading Rota section to explore the individual actions over the year or go to the Photos section to see some of the images.

A book called "Faslane 365 - a year of anti-nuclear blockades" will soon be available.

Latest Photo (From Big Blockade)


Latest Blockade Report (from Leeds and Bradford)

Post 365

It was impoprtant to the Bradford group that the Big Blockade was not going to mark the end of a year long campaign but I mile stone in the fight to stop the nuclear weapons program here. After a fantastic day on the 1st we were up at 5 to head back to Faslane at 6 on the morning of the 2nd.